Copier Recycling and Disposal for the Twin Cities

Copier Recycling

Used copier disposal and copier recycling can be an especially challenging. Often, your old copier is large, bulky and heavy - not very easy to recycle it! TCR offers onsite copier recycling and copier disposal service to make it easy - we will arrive at your location to pickup your old copier, and take it away!

Recycling Process

Some copiers that still have useful life may be reconditioned and sold. Copiers with limited value as a whole unit, it is then sent through a de-manufacturing process where useful components may be harvested, and other base components like metals, plastics, and circuit boards are separated for further processing

Data Destruction

Interesting fact: nearly every digital copier manufactured since 2002 contains a hard drive (just like a computer HD) that stores a digital copy of what was scanned on that machine. Discarding or selling one of these digital photocopiers without having the hard disk thoroughly erased can be a security and privacy nightmare.

We Can Pick It Up

Twin Cities Recycling can provide flexible, on demand pickup service for all ewaste copier recycling, disposal and IT recycling needs. Whatever your copier disposal and recycling needs, Twin Cities Recycling can provide you with pickup service for our customers in the greater Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota metro area.

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