Forklift Battery Recycling and Disposal for the Twin Cities

Battery Recycling

Lead-acid batteries are made of between 60-80% of lead and plastic. Both of which are recyclable. The plastic is cleaned and used for recycling into other things. The lead is broken down by polymers end then recycled. Almost 96% of these types of batteries are currently being recycled.

Forklift Battery

When your forklift battery dies call Twin Cities Recycling. We service the Twin Cities with free pickup right from your location as well as drop off at our location! Depending on your volume we can schedule pickups or you can just call us when you get a few batteries to recycle.

How To Recycle

Just contact us to let us know what and how many forklift batteries you have for recycling. Typically, a forklift battery can weigh several hundred pounds - so there is no need to physically bring the battery to us. We will quickly come to your location and pickup your forklift battery for recycling.

We Can Pick It Up

Twin Cities Recycling can provide flexible, on demand forklift battery pickup service. Whatever your forklift battery disposal and battery recycling needs, Twin Cities Recycling can provide you with pickup service for our customers in the greater Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota metro area.

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